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mariem_the_peul_girl_in_dogon_country_by_ferdinand_reusEver since I have been working in East-Africa and have come across women who are victims of such barbaric and inventive sex assaults that I would not even believe what they were telling me at first, until I could no longer deny the truth, I have become obsessed with the idea of sexual empowerment for women, that, I could imagine, would allow them to both heal from their wounds, and, maybe, one day, even consider that sexual relationships can be so beautiful.

In my quest to first heal myself from what I had been allowed to see and to hear about, and to be close from, I have started with yoga, post-traumatic stress meditation, martial arts, and the practice and love of peace, beauty and empowerment through my professionnal and personnal activities. 2007-08-24_ytc_hawaii_5821

My reference in Yoga is Shiva Rea : her Dvds and books are incredibly well made, and easy to follow and to practice with. She is an American scholar who has traveled a lot and won many awards including one of the best home-practice yoga DVD. Her book Tending the heart fire is also incredibly rich and interesting. Her approach is both scientific and spiritual, which is quite rare and very precious.

My reference in meditation is Belleruth Naparstek : she creates guided imagery meditations that she has started building when she worked with the Vietnam veterans. They are so incredibly efficient that I stopped smoking in a week for example, and her guided meditation for post-traumatic stress is the only one that enables me to live without the panic attacks and the anxiety that have started in me since I first visited a refugee camp in Kenya and heard about the horrible things that the women are going through there.


I have recently discovered two more women that are wonderful : Layla Martin and Thérèse Hargot. I was lucky enough to either work with them or exchange with them.

They are very different.

Layla is a New-York based sex expert who has studied sexology both in Stanford University and in Asian countries. She has a very rich vision of sexuality and has created programs and videos that are both appealing and very deep. She gives practical tools as well as general knowledge and deep wisdom. Most her videos are free to watch, and her programs are expensive, but worthe it.


Therese Hargot has also worked and lived in New-York, but she is from Belgium originally and she now lives in Paris, where I was lucky enough to meet her. She studied philosophy at la Sorbonne (at the same time as I did) and she applied philosophy to sex and relationships : she is very good at it. She has since visited young people in many schools in Paris to hear them talk and help them. She also wrote a book that is about the « sexual liberation » and asks us to be cautious that this so-called emancipation is not, in fact, another shape of submission to other people’s desires : what she invites people to do, is to discover who they are, deeply, and to remain who they are, even in their relationships, the way they fall in love, the way they desire and want to be desired …


These women are incredible human beings, and I am happy to share their names today and the references of their work with anyone who suffers from traumas (and, who doesn’t?) and who dreams to overcome them.


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