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Have you ever read the Princess and the Pea from the Danish Writer Hans Andersen? It actually had several titles. One of them could translate into English like : the true / real Princess.

Well, I have kind of a similar thing happened to me, for real. I just realized it a few days ago. Let me tell you more about it.

The first of August 2012, on the very same day another dear Princess to my heart was born more than twenty years ago, I met a Prince, in Christchurch, where this Princess had actually just spent two years (I also just realized that coincidence a few months ago – the Anniversaries coïncidence)

The Prince made me discover and love his country and life in more beautiful ways than I could have ever had on my own.

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Then I went back to France where I spent Christmas with my family and shared my language and my culture with people from all over the world.

I especially taught about fashion, jewleries and perfume and so, with this Prince, we were communicating about this, too, from a far. He inspired me greatly for this class.

I also lead some philosophy awakening workshops for children in a school just near La Sorbonne with a philosopher friend, also thanks to this Prince who had reawakened in me the love of children, teaching and philosophy of course.

Some months later, I went back to the Prince’s country, in a little chalet his mother had very kindly found for me.

Everything was absolutely perfect : the view was just amazing, the chalet was so cute … It was like a fairytaly chalet. It was * my dream house … All the neighbours were incredibly kind and welcoming … I was nearly in Heaven




But every single morning … I was waking up more tired than the day before. I wanted so badly to feel well … But I just … couldn’t …

Until I understood … It was the mattress!

It was too thin for my Princess back (at home I actually sleep on two of the best mattresses one on top of the other)

One morning I woke up crying and I sent a message to the Prince’s mother.

She immediately rang me back saying : « Hello, this is the mattress delivery company! » and allowed me to come and to pick up a mattress to transfer from their house to mine, the absolutely lovely and talented creator of which very kindly nestled it upstairs, on the mezzanine, later this same dayThis mattress suited me more than the original one. Thank you the builder of the chalets not to have taken it the wrong way and to have understood I just couldn’t sleep on this one single specific mattress, even if there was no pea under it, as the real Princess of the tale found out.

Unfortunately, I only had theses kinds of features of the real Princess. Because a real Princess should never be mean nor selfish, nor arrogant nor judgemental of others, especially not of the Prince’s family members nor of his friends, whatever happens … be she a Princess of French blood.

I just want to publicly apologize and as I know this Prince loves audiobooks and French language and women voices I have just recorded this one for him, in a French version.


I would like to explain that being a Princess or a Prince has nothing to do with having a Dad who is a king or with being born in an actual so-called « castle » or being always with a horse or a unicorn.

It is in the delicacy of the body, the heart and the soul that they can be recognized.

 If one ignores this delicacy and hides it behind fake selves, it is actually even hurtful, for oneself as well as for others, and will for sure never ever lead to ever-lasting authentically fulfilling happiness.

So I want to be able to take this into consideration and, like real Ladies, Princesses and Queens actually try and do, making sensitivity helpful, instead of hurtful.





* Merci Héloïse!


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